Amping Up Our Digital IQ

In my seven years at Euro RSCG Life, I have attended some great events, but one event last week showed me that this company never ceases to out-do itself. This fabulous event fused what we do best for clients with what we do best for our team, and we called it:  Digital Boot Camp.
Being a multidimensional agency, our team is teeming with talent and intellect. At Boot Camp, we took the opportunity to share our experience and talent and learn from one another.
At its core, the goal was pretty simple: create a high-energy, info loaded day of seminars to educate the network about our wealth of digital information.
Boot Camp went beyond the basics of web marketing, and added the depth that people expect from us: namely, how we make digital initiatives pay off creatively and in brand resonance. Each meeting laid the foundation so our cross-agency teams could discuss strategies that would push the creative bar ever-higher. Our account teams learned about cutting-edge digital marketing initiatives, enabling them to go out and capture business with the confidence that comes from being at the top of the marketing pyramid.
Digital Boot Camp was a perfect example of EURO RSCG Life’s missions: to develop not just excellent client outreach, but employee in-reach as well. Our people run with ideas, so we gave them a little digital fuel to get things going. The 15-minute courses were made to help our staff find the tools that turn a great marketing strategy into a game-changing marketing concept. Because lets face it: building business builds careers, too. And thanks to Digital Boot Camp, Euro RSCG Life employees can add a few notches to their marketing belts.