11 Trends for 2011 from Euro RSCG Life

11 trends for 2011.

This isn’t fashion week- this is the future. 

Marian Salzman, President of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America and the Euro RSCG team members around the world are all committed to making news for and with our clients, and to do that we need to anticipate where the world is headed.

In today’s fast-moving business climate, the people who get ahead are those who have their eyes on the future. We do, and we use what we discover to infuse our projects and their positioning with future-focused news and information, putting our clients ahead of our competitors.

Trendspotting is essential for those who need to be future-thinking. With such information, we can:

  • Identify the driving forces behind today and the future and plan for long-term success.
  • Discover unexpected opportunities that can help transform brands and businesses.
  • Manage into change by providing insight into the drivers of key business, consumer and social trends.

Our 2011 list provides an in-depth forecast of 11 trends & social patterns

  • Mad as Hell—and Only Getting Madder: Always many reasons for anger (but 2010 upped the ante); today’s 24/7 news & blogosphere amplifies the hottest people & topics, adding fuel.
  • Reinvention, Part II: Even with loads of anger, as regular Joes reinvent themselves, they’ll allow egregious stars & corporations to do the same. 
  • Net Gain: Americans are losing trust in institutions are gaining faith in tech & looking more to digital and social media networks to meet their needs.
  • Separated at Worth: Pay & compensation are now confused & big money smells rotten. Emo (emotional) bling—friends going the extra 10 miles—will replace cash wealth.

Step into the future and download the report here. It’s worth the weekend read.