The future of health & wellness is behavioral and personalized.

Euro RSCG Life: 5 Behavioral Insights To Act On In 2011

Larry Mickelberg, Chief Digital Officer of Euro RSCG Life Worldwide, highlights 5 behavioral trends in healthcare and how their actions may help shape our strategies to better align patients with their needs along their journey through the the social ecosystem of better health & wellness.

  • DTC Finally Flatlines as the “Intelligently Empowered” Patient Emerge: People, patients and health-care professionals will rediscover the authentic, basic humanity of the health journey and assign greater value to it.
  • “Health” Becomes an Even Bigger Tent: Thanks in part to people newly valuing more meaningful experiences, expect a rise in health and wellness products, experiences and services aimed at the active, influential generation of people in their 50s and older.
  • Modal Is the New Mobile: New technology and social media facilitate real conversations and mediate real human connections throughout the health journey, offering an incredible opportunity to put them to work for health brands by providing real utility at every touchpoint.
  • A New Health Ecosystem Awaits: In the emerging world of mycasting, in which individuals curate and promote their worldview with digital content, a new health ecosystem will emerge, where ambient information and support follows patients throughout their health journey—wherever, whenever and however needed.
  • Dr. Mom, Meet Dr. Dad: No longer are males automatically the head of household. As a result, health marketers who have meticulously honed messaging exclusively toward women will have to find more inclusive approaches to reach the newest class of caregiver.

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