HCPs: Global Digital Insights (VIDEO)

Digital is changing the way HCPs practice, globally. Digital is a huge channel, but allows us to move beyond the 1-for-all mass strategies and focus on a hyper-targeted approach to being informative, directional and actionable with your brand marketing efforts. Where should you put your focus to activate your customer's desired behaviors?

When establishing a digital strategy, understanding mass target research and trends is one thing. But, a focused digital ethnography encompassing technographic, psychographic and demographic preferences; analyzing usage and behavior toward digital media/channels is the winning combo to uncovering the digital snapshot of you customers/targets.

Technographic: What devices do your targets use? When/where do they use them throughout the day?
Psychographic: Behaviors and attitudes toward digital media/channel usage. Where, when and why are they interacting with digital media/channels?
Demographic: Where do these behaviors occur? Are there regional/local trends and does age ranges play a factor in preference/usage?

Take a look at the this video on the Global digital ethnography of today’s physician here.

Synthesizing your target's full digital ethnographic profile is an important first step to shifting & prioritizing your marketing efforts. An insight-driven strategy will activate the connections you desire to keep your brand relevant across a fragmented digital landscape.