“You say you want a revolution?”

We are amidst an evolution. Pharmaceutical advertising has changed. Gone are the days of interruptive advertising. Enter permissive conversations.

In order for us to successfully address the challenge at hand: turning “advertising” into “customer engagement” and understanding how to integrate digital offerings into the marketing mix—we must expand our thinking as clients and colleagues to drive feasible, creative solutions which complement and augment ongoing/traditional efforts. Based on our charge as marketers, being an “expert” in 1 area will not suffice. We need to be fluent within all mainstream and emerging digital technology and promotional opportunities as they relate to our customer focus and business demands. We will not survive as marketers without this approach.

What does fluent mean?

Not just understanding the components but how to use them within a cultural context of taking the knowledge and adapting it to the nuances of the channel and for your audience.

Things evolve. We adapt. It’s human nature. It’s the nature of our industry that’s driven by innovation.

But now— evolution is a game of rapid fire target practice through multiple lenses. We should be looking to attain a larger understanding of the “how”, “why”, “when” and “to whom” …embrace emerging technology and multi-channel promotion.

How can we best apply them to our company and client’s needs based on the preference of where our target audiences want to be addressed, and how they want to receive information?

Start here: Fill your box-o-knowledge of digital tools:

  • Who are your customers?
  • Where are they?
  • What are their needs?
  • What is your current brand giving them, and how?
  • How is your competition attacking multi-channel promotion?
  • Where are the gaps?
  • What do you need to fill the gap?

Now communicate this content within the context of the channel.

You do not have to be the absolute authority or the most knowledgeable person in the world on “all things digilicious”. No one can be that person. You can and should build digital fluency into your everyday.

Prioritize the immediate, and long-term needs of your business based on realistic application and return on impact/marketing spend and then get to digicating yourself. Look to the ERL network for educational opportunities, seminars as well as other colleagues then SHARE THE WEALTH. Educate your clients & colleagues on the opportunity—BEFORE you try to implement them.

We all benefit driving towards a goal together.

We can treat emerging media as add-ons, selling the features— or we can be fluent and realize the benefits of a truly unified and evolved marketing approach.