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So what do you do when the powers that be inform you that you’re moving out of your office space and you’re only allowed to bring a milk crate worth of stuff with you? In agency land, that’s practically nothing! Where do your samples go? Your files? All the bizarre media tchotchkes you’ve accrued over the years? And how many things are you going to have to throw away just to get down to your one precious milk crate?

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"There’s no doubt in my mind that if I hadn’t discovered comics I wouldn’t be working at Havas Life Metro." Every creative person’s work is shaped by influences and role models. For Kenley Diaz, inspiration comes from his lifelong love of comic books – epic stories that have helped Kenley bring an epic quality to his work at Havas Life Metro.

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I love makeover reality TV, experts transforming homes, hairstyles and wardrobes. I’ve undergone a career makeover—not an extreme one, but certainly redefined. Medical editing mainly involves adherence to style and grammar rules, consistency and fact checks. Now, as a brand editor for an all-digital team, an added part of my job here at the New York offices of Havas Life Metro, is to understand each project’s specifications. I’ve become a student of functionality—clicks, taps, scrolls, swipes, pop-ups, buttons, and burger and navigation menus.

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One Young World (OYW) is a charity organization focused on bringing young adults worldwide together to learn, collaborate, and develop ideas and action plans for inciting change in today’s world.  Each year, OYW holds a summit; this year’s was hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa. Counselors like Kofi Annan, Arianna Huffington, and Sir Richard Branson joined the ambassadors and delegates to discuss hot topics ranging from education, to disease and gender roles.

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Havas Life Metro thinks big, thinks global, and never stops pursuing ways to grow and do more.  And the people who work here can often be described in the exact same way.

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As design within digital media continues to push the limits of technology and create innovative interaction patterns, the importance of Usability must also increase. This is especially true within the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry, as designers are constantly challenged to create content-heavy media that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly usable. With the growing demand for responsive websites, there is a rising challenge to create interactive designs that work dynamically across various devices, focusing on both design and usability.

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Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)

For nearly a decade, the concept of Closed Loop Marketing has echoed through the halls of most major Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies. The idea is simple enough; capture interactions with a physician during the sales call, analyze the physicians’ preferences, and use this information to create a more personalized approach to detailing and increasing Rx sales in the process.        

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As with every role within the advertising agency, there are many stereotypes associated with the Account Management function. Many assume we have the easiest job in the agency and that we’re the keepers of timelines and budgets, or the schmoozers of clients. When I first started in this industry, I thought the same thing however, while budgets, timelines, and client interaction are aspects of the Account Management role, there’s far more to it than that.

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Finishing one marathon in a lifetime is quite an achievement for any person. Running seven marathons is even more momentous. Add in a battle against Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease that causes difficulty in breathing due to mucus build-up in the lungs and excessive loss of salt and sweat, and you are literally pushing the limits of what is possible.

Welcome to Stephen Bell’s world.

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In my opinion, Account Planning is one of the fastest growing departments in healthcare advertising.  It seems to be of highest interest to people just getting into the industry or uncertain they want to stay in it. I know that were it a discipline that existed when I entered the market, I would have begged to have been a part of it.