Beyond Channels – Beyond Interfaces – Creating Experiences

Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)

For nearly a decade, the concept of Closed Loop Marketing has echoed through the halls of most major Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies. The idea is simple enough; capture interactions with a physician during the sales call, analyze the physicians’ preferences, and use this information to create a more personalized approach to detailing and increasing Rx sales in the process.        

Closed Loop Marketing

Nevertheless, the philosophy behind CLM has never quite lived up to its execution. One reason for this may be due to the effort required to mine all the data received through these CLM programs/initiatives. With advances in technology however and billions of dollars now being spent online, we have begun to see a real change in the marketplace over the last 2-3 years. Data mining has become big business and Big Pharma can’t seem to get enough of Big Data.

Multichannel MarketingMultichannel Marketing

And while having a successful CLM campaign is great, creating a successful Multichannel Marketing Campaign is infinitely more appealing and rewarding. Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to simply “close the loop” with tablet-based details; Sales, Marketing & Brand managers are now expecting their Agency partners to drive marketing messages across multiple channels such as; email, tablet, web, mobile, convention kiosk, and even broadcast television, all the while being tracked, analyzed, and redeployed to targeted customers in an intelligent, timely, and effective manner.

The Internet of Things

Looking ahead, the marketing opportunities presenting themselves will go beyond our desktops and mobile devices. The Internet of Things, as it’s often referred, is now connecting us to everyday objects in amazing new ways.

The Internet of Things

From wearable tech to driving assistants, we’re moving into an era of constantly connected devices. Sparked by the incredible success of the Nike+ FuelBand, dozens of companies are capitalizing on this trend with self-tracking-tools, and as we move into the age of the quantified self, the idea of connecting inanimate objects into our daily routines is fast becoming commonplace.

The Companion Web

The challenge however, is that many of these so-called connected devices are actually disconnected from one another. Even second screen apps, which provide a means of being connected to a second device while still using another primary one, only seem to complement social television viewing (e.g., GetGlue). Here at HLM, we’re excited to see that Microsoft is championing a cause called the Companion Web whose premise is to not only complement your viewing habits, but also enhance it by offering additional value from the content being consumed. Watch the brief video below to learn more:

Companion Web










In the future, we will move beyond responsive web design. We will move beyond user interface design. In the future, the Internet will be so ubiquitous we will no longer be designing for any one screen, device, or sensor. We will be designing experiences. Experiences that engage our customers. Experiences that will make you laugh. Experiences that will make you cry. Experiences you can feel.

Havas Life Metro is not a traditional agency. We are not a digital agency. We are a Creative agency and we look forward to continuing to create Epic experiences for our customers now and in the future.