Usability and Design—Taking it to the EPIC level

As design within digital media continues to push the limits of technology and create innovative interaction patterns, the importance of Usability must also increase. This is especially true within the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry, as designers are constantly challenged to create content-heavy media that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly usable. With the growing demand for responsive websites, there is a rising challenge to create interactive designs that work dynamically across various devices, focusing on both design and usability.

Fortunately, the digital team at Havas believes you can have your cake and eat it too.  We grasp how users think, and we realize that they should not have to focus on how to use a website; users should be digesting the content instead. Here at HLM, we stay current on emerging technologies to help our clients create new and exciting designs for their brands that are connected, controllable, relevant, understandable and aesthetic. We are not afraid to try new things and we strive to incite change.

Our experience, knowledge and personality drive us to take on these challenges with excitement. Our digital team applies the latest Human-Computer Interactions and Human Factors research, to help keep our fingers on the pulse of the best interaction design practices, not just the newest ones. In other words, we believe a website should be both beautiful and usable. Why? Because this provides the best user experience, an EPIC user experience.