3:18 PM May 20th from Karen Lopienski

I’ve always wanted to be spontaneous. I envied people who could just fly by the seat of their pants…just take off for a weekend trip at the last minute or not give a second thought to a complete change in plans. And for a while, I really tried to be like that. But something about it always stressed me out. The idea of throwing clothes in a bag and just taking off makes me shutter. My mind instantly goes to making lists and contemplating all of the loose ends like: will I pack correctly, how long can the plants go without water, etc.

11:14 PM Apr 29th from Carly Schott

15 minutes is what you make of it. I recently spent 15 minutes with Noel Castro and Allison Ceraso, and within the first few moments, it was apparent that they both devote their time and energy to pushing everything to more—making it more creative, more strategic, and smarter. They push their minutes to the max. Their office is a revolving door of epic ideas and epic results, buzzing with creative solutions. It’s a nonstop flow of people, ideas, insights, and inspiration.