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Martin Ellis, Gaynor Hayburn, Chris Bartley, Sarah Dyson
Martin Ellis, Gaynor Hayburn, Chris Bartley, Sarah Dyson
The Leadership Team

Martin Ellis

Gaynor Hayburn
Group Managing Director

Chris Bartley
Deputy Managing Director

Sarah Dyson
Deputy Managing Director

Havas Life Medicom is different.
You’ve probably heard ‘we’re not like any other agency’ said many times before, but this statement is genuinely true of Havas Life Medicom. Although we are specialist-led, we are also fully integrated, and for us the challenge is more important than the channel we use to deliver exceptional results.

Complete, progressive, global
We specialise in medical education, medical affairs, market access, corporate & brand reputation, creative, design, brand and digital. From its beginnings as the first specialist-led, integrated agency, Havas Life Medicom has matured into a complete, highly progressive, international enterprise with extensive global reach.

An ethos of collaboration
Havas Life Medicom has a simple ethos at its core: collaboration. We are specialists who connect, exchange ideas and support one another. This allows us to ensure that our clients worldwide benefit from our team’s experience, depth of knowledge and thorough approach. This enables those exciting ‘light bulb’ moments that only occur when people from different disciplines interact with unreserved enthusiasm.


Medical education
Market access
Corporate & brand reputation
Medical affairs

Clear thinking.


Gaynor Hayburn
Managing Director

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