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10:46 AM Feb 26th from

Last week marked Social Media Week’s (SMW) 5th anniversary in NYC. For those of you who aren’t familiar, SMW is one entire week devoted to celebrating social media trends and featured social thought leaders/speakers, panels, interactive workshops, case studies and best practices for brands, advertisers and agencies to partake in.

Why HLNY attended SMW

12:35 PM Jan 28th from Jess Seilheimer

A great new report was released today from Pew Internet and validates the Quantified Self trend, highlights current consumer behavior and talks about setting benchmarks for the future opportunities with technology. This is the first national survey measuring health data tracking among the general population. As digital tools for tracking/monitoring health & wellness continue to emerge, this survey may help provide a benchmark to measure future progress against.

12:42 PM Feb 17th from Jess Seilheimer

Digital is changing the way HCPs practice, globally. Digital is a huge channel, but allows us to move beyond the 1-for-all mass strategies and focus on a hyper-targeted approach to being informative, directional and actionable with your brand marketing efforts. Where should you put your focus to activate your customer's desired behaviors?

6:38 PM Oct 17th from Jess Seilheimer

What do you get when you combine 10 teams made up of the best agency staff with social, mobile, location based service (LBS) and iPads?

MaxInterax Agency Day 2011!

8:42 AM Jul 19th from

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released their draft guidance today for certain mobile applications specific to medicine or healthcare that are designed for use on smartphones and other mobile computing devices. This approach clearly outlines and focuses only on a select group of “medical” applications and will not regulate the sale or general consumer use of smartphones or tablets.1

9:16 AM Feb 2nd from

Euro RSCG Life: 5 Behavioral Insights To Act On In 2011

Larry Mickelberg, Chief Digital Officer of Euro RSCG Life Worldwide, highlights 5 behavioral trends in healthcare and how their actions may help shape our strategies to better align patients with their needs along their journey through the the social ecosystem of better health & wellness.

8:06 AM Nov 30th from

11 trends for 2011.

This isn’t fashion week- this is the future. 

9:00 PM Oct 7th from Jessica Seilheimer

Worthwhile offering beyond beauty

Advertising is largely focused on creative representation wrapped in motivating and believable brand messaging- that's half the game.

10:37 AM May 17th from Jessica Seilheimer

We are amidst an evolution. Pharmaceutical advertising has changed. Gone are the days of interruptive advertising. Enter permissive conversations.