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Matt Silver - SVP, Channel Strategy; Yossi Speiser - SVP, Director of Technology
Matt Silver
SVP, Channel Strategy
Yossi Speiser
SVP, Director of Technology

Some would call them ad execs, others may refer to them as Mad Men, but around here everyone just knows them as "the digital guys." Over the past two and a half years they've worked on campaigns across multiple brands at Amgen, Biogen, EMD Serono, Forest, Genentech, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Sanofi and Takeda. No digital strategy or tactic has been too big or too small for them to tackle. Their hands-on approach and enthusiasm to push the envelope and drive innovation has endeared them to their colleagues and earned them their fitting nickname.
Both Matt Silver and Yossi Speiser joined Havas Life Metro (HLM) nearly three years ago. Each of them had spent the majority of their careers at smaller boutique agencies, but they quickly became acclimated to the larger Havas Health network. Yossi’s focus has primarily been on creative and technical execution while Matt has spent considerable time on new business opportunities and inline digital strategy efforts.
Yossi and Matt's backgrounds vary, but their shared passion for technology keep them motivated. "I'm always looking for new web or mobile development techniques or hardware offerings to leverage,” says Yossi. "Its when we can apply those technologies for our clients however where things get really exciting. Whether we're developing a unique augmented reality (AR) app for the convention floor, mining large data sets to create stunning Processing data visualizations or utilizing Autostereoscopic 3D displays and Leap Motion technology to interact with 3D insulin pens or MOA videos - it's the process of creating truly awe inspiring work that keeps me running to the office each morning."
"My motivation remains a little more grounded in the Brand Strategy" says Matt. "I'm certainly an advocate for innovative digital tactics as well, but my focus is on aligning business objectives with marketing needs and finding opportunities to improve lead generation, lift and Rx. My team spends a considerable amount of time tweaking campaigns and tactics to ensure we're optimizing those opportunities to the best of our ability. Closed Loop Marketing (CLM), CRM campaigns, online-behavioral advertising (OBA), multivariate testing, and real-time marketing (RTM) are just a few of the strategies we consider in our marketing campaigns. Regardless of our approach however, we are very much about designing for the Customer Experience."


Don’t think of it as services. Think of it as solutions across the breadth of health and wellness marketing communications. These solutions can take the form of analyses, strategies, creativity, or strategic activations, and they all drive to a common objective—to deliver results that meet, or exceed expectations. That’s what Epic is all about.

Havas Life Metro is powered by Havas Health, one of the largest global healthcare networks. As such, we utilize globally consistent and proven tools, such as the Creative Business Idea® to help create, build and maintain brands—and maximize their potential.

So no matter the brand challenge, we’ve got the solution. Whether a product in Phase II, a shift in your market dynamic, a brand nearing LOE, a global launch, or a managed market and access opportunity… we can help.

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