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Chantal Innes, VP, Creative Director
Chantal Innes
VP, Creative Director

What comes to mind when you hear the word creative? We’re willing to bet that no two interpretations are the same. And that’s part of the magic that IS creativity – it’s as unique as the people who embody it.

At Havas Life, we believe creativity is opportunity and this philosophy transcends all aspects of our business; from strategy and project management, through to content development, design and production – creativity is paramount.

Fellow marketers wonder how we can operate “creatively” in the pharmaceutical space – a space known for rules and regulations. But we believe it’s a matter of perspective.

Where some see obstacles and barriers, we see tunnels and passageways, and we take great pride in finding the best “alternative route”. This is where creativity is born!

And it doesn’t stop there…we are continuously developing our creative skills to meet the growing demands of our market and the ever-changing needs of our clients. From innovative tools to brand identities (and everything in between), creativity is an essential ingredient and we deliver it every time.


Find out more about our uniquely unified service offerings:

  • Strategic Planning (brand building, strategy and positioning workshops, message architecture, strategic mapping)
  • Creative Development (branding, core concept development, campaign execution)
  • Leading Digital Solutions (eStrategy, web, social media, interactive detailing)
  • Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and Behaviour-Shaping (DTC-A and DTC-I programs)
  • Continuing Health Education (accredited and non-accredited performance-improvement initiatives)
  • Patient Adherence Programs (psychological modeling, timed interventions)

Chantal Innes, Vice President
Havas Life Toronto
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3:11 PM Apr 10th from Pamela Park

It’s been a busy couple of years at Havas Life. In addition to a new name, Havas Life has welcomed new clients, new staff and new products to meet the changing needs of the Canadian healthcare marketplace. In business, growth is as exhilarating as it is vital, but it can be challenging to manage: how to keep things flowing smoothly during rapid growth? Pam Park, Canadian President, shares 10 secrets from her three years at the helm of the agency which has nearly tripled in size during her time as president.